Mission, Vision, and Values


Student Publications is committed to producing quality publications, including The Lion's Roar newspaper and Le Souvenir yearbook, that enhance the University while maintaining a learning-lab environment in which excellent communication skills and sound journalism will be learned and practiced by students. Dedicated to upholding the standards of responsible journalism, Student Publications provides the campus community with designated public forums for the expression of ideas and opinions in a free and open environment, and the exchange and dissemination of information.


Student Publications believes that a well-informed public is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. Thusly the office fulfills a role critically essential to the health of a vibrant university in a democratic society. The office strives to produce award-winning University run and student led publications, which chronicle and document the history of the University, while providing meaningful student opportunities that enhance the collegiate experience through education, training and hands-on experiences, management, leadership, ethics, responsibility, and community service.


Student Publications supports the mission, vision, values, and goals of the Division for Student Affairs and Southeastern Louisiana University by providing both individuals and groups at the University with vehicles to publicize activities, events, and information of relevance to the campus community. Advisors and students of the department adhere to guidelines established by the College Media Advisors, Associated Collegiate Press, Associated Press, and the Society for Professional Journalists.


The core values of the University and the Division for Student Affairs, as well as the following values, guide the staff in their day-to-day operations:


Encourage others by example to seek the truth and report it. Information should be presented honestly and unvarnished to the community with accuracy being paramount in the gathering, reporting, and interpretation of such information.

Ensure that all members of the community are treated ethically and as individuals deserving of respect. Information, content, and images should never be distorted to reflect one viewpoint over another. All members of the staff should avoid any bias or obligation in their work, whether real or perceived. 

Work free of obligation to any interests other than the public's right to know. Recognize the special obligation to ensuring that public business is conducted in the open and government records are open to inspection. Conflicts of interest are to be avoided.